We Put The Care Back in Primary Care!

Have you experienced how long it takes to see your primary care provider when you are sick? The reason for this is that the average primary care provider in New Mexico has a patient panel of approximately 3,200 patients. That means they have to see 25-40 patients a day! If you are lucky you may get 10 minutes with your provider before they have to rush off and see their next patient. This is not, in our view, primary care.

The Patient/Provider Relationship Is The Foundation of Wellness!

At Functional Family Medicine, we believe that the patient/provider relationship is the basis for creating wellness. It is a patient’s most valuable asset, much more valuable than a stock portfolio or a stack of gold bars. It can only happen when you see the same provider each visit, and both you and your provider actually have the TIME TO VISIT!! That’s why we limit our patient panel to 700 per provider which means we only have to see 5 patients a day. This allows time for Follow Up, Research, Education, extended visits of 30 mins or more and the capability to see you today.

Same Day or Next Day Appointments

If you are sick today you can get seen by your provider today! And you won’t have to wait either.

Spend As Much Time With Your Provider As You Need

You can spend as much time with your provider as you need to have your questions answered, understand your treatment plan, and build a strong, trusting relationship with your provider.


Want More Information?

Please feel free to contact us. We’ll be delighted to answer any questions you have.