Medical Weight Loss &
Nutritional Therapy Program

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64.5% of all Americans are either overweight or obese. Even without charts and statistics, all you have to do is look around to see that we are an overweight nation. Our medical weight loss and nutrition therapy program can help you.

The Standard American Diet (SAD)

The Standard American Diet (SAD) is a significant contributor to our obesity issues. Over the past 30 years the amount of processed foods and foods with added sugars has skyrocketed! This combined with a sedentary lifestyle has stacked the deck against most of us when it comes to trying to lose weight. Being overweight or obese comes with an array of health issues; high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes to mention a few. Add to that the emotional stress of being overweight and you have depression, anxiety and chronic fatigue. Along with the physical and medical symptoms that obesity causes, are the medications prescribed to address the problems. These medications can then cause other problems and now we are in a never-ending circle of dysfunction with our body and mind. We never get to root of the problem….our diet.

We offer the Clean Start Weight Loss Program

IAPAM Clean Start Weight Loss

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FFM_Icons5Food is Thy Medicine!

At Functional Family Medicine we believe that “food is thy medicine”. Your diet and nutrition serve as the starting point for disease or wellness in your body. While the media plays on our vanity to lose weight to “look” good, we want to focus on your quality of life by adopting healthy lifestyle changes.

FFM_Icons8Weight Loss Membership

(In Addition To Monthly Membership)
Begin your customized weight loss program with an initial consultation, followed by weekly appointments. Our approach is to balance education, diet and a healthy lifestyle to achieve your long-term health goals.

FFM_Icons7Initial Visit

(60 to 90 minutes) includes full history and physical exam, comprehensive blood work, BMI and body fat testing, a starter kit. If needed, weekly injections of  B12*, a prescription for appetite suppressants (if indicated), and initial recommendation of vitamins and supplements are provided.

FFM_Icons6Ongoing Services

  • Weekly support, encouragement, and motivation from our medical team at your local clinic
  • Education about how to lose weight in the real world, using real food
  • Tools to overcome temptations and win the weight loss battle
  • FDA-approved appetite suppressants (if indicated, will be prescribed by a medical professional)
  • Access to pharmaceutical grade nutritional supplements that can assist you with weight loss and long-term wellness.
  • Vitamin and amino acid injections for energy

Each additional weekly visit also includes assessment of current symptoms, meal planning, (body composition) testing,  behavioral modification, counseling, and review of any prescription appetite suppressants

*B12 shots are included in the Medical Weight Loss Membership. Vitamins, supplements and appetite suppressants‎ (if indicated) may incur additional charges.