Three Ways to Help You Stay Fit and Motivated

Staying fit is one of the best ways to take care of your health. But for most people, life has never been busier and schedules have never been fuller. Too often, people find that their health and fitness ends up taking a back seat. Although gettin[...]

Health Buzz: The Mediterranean Diet

It may seem like a buzzword, but the Mediterranean Diet is popping up all over social media for good reason. Certainly any healthy diet seems preferable to the standard one so many Americans participate in, but what makes the Mediterranean diet so sp[...]

The Truth about Cardiovascular Disease

We only have one life to live, so why not take the preventative measures necessary to ensure you get the most out of it? Certain causes of death are rather difficult to avoid, such as an unexpected accident or old age. Others, however, you have much [...]

Why Your Primary Care Doctor Is Your Best Preventive Medicine

About five years ago, Scientific American pretty much proved (with various studies and statistics) the value of the primary care doctor to the American health care system. As the article stated back in 2010, “The idea is to have a clinician who knows[...]

Understanding Hypothyroidism

By Shannon Flynn Everyone has a thyroid gland, but most people don’t give much thought to this little, butterfly-shaped gland in the base of their neck. Most of the time, it does what it’s supposed to do: it produces the hormones that control the [...]
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