Vaginal Rejuvenation

Are you dissatisfied with your sexual health? Are you experiencing physical problems that are interfering with your sexual health? You are not alone. An estimated 43% of women report some degree of difficulty with sex at some point in their lives. Many women are unaware that sexual dysfunction is often related to underlying medical conditions that ARE treatable. Here at Intimate Wellness NM, we provide a safe and comfortable environment to discuss your sexual health and explore options to help you regain enjoyment of this vital part of being. Consult today with one of our medical professionals to see which treatment is right for you.

Oh my goodness! I can’t believe what a difference just one treatment made for me. Not only was  tighter ‘down there’, but I felt that I was ready to start enjoying intimacy again  .  .  .  .  like it was my very first time. I am so grateful for Votiva.


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