As I’m flying to Albuquerque to assist with our Votiva Event, I’m reading the latest O magazine. I’m struck with how many advertisements there are for Depends and Poise. Obviously the advertising experts know something we don’t? Apparently women of our “age” have bladder issues. I’ll admit it I have “leakage” issues. But NO WAY am I wearing a depends!! I don’t care how “attractive” they make them look. My issues only happen when I sneeze or cough uncontrollably. So I’m careful, and make sure I don’t lose control . . practicing my Kegels,  and running to the bathroom if I feel a coughing fit coming on. God help me if me and my sister are hanging out and we start laughing uncontrollably (which we often do!) I’ve been managing this issue for the last 12 years since I gave birth to my second daughter, and yes it it has been slowly getting a little worse. But I’m not ready to start stocking up depends just yet. So we are going with vaginal rejuvenation instead . . Thats right I said it!! Vaginal Rejuvenation!! Or as my good friend likes to put it- I’m getting revaginated – lol!! We are offering this life changing therapy from Votiva. In just 3 treatments it can significantly reduce urinary incontinence, AND tighten and tone everything else??.
P.S and oh by the way . . did I mention it can also assist with the big O?!?
Votiva event